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1. Deposit

A non-refundable deposit may be required to secure your booking. Deposits can be paid via PayID or a bank transfer. In rare circumstances such as COVID-19 related cancellations, deposit can be redeemed as credit towards future bookings only. 

2. Travel Fee

There may be a travel fee added to your price, depending on the distance away from Zuzy's location. You'll know about it before the booking is confirmed! Changes in the location of the event may incur additional travel charges. 

3. Cancellation

Cancellations happen! Please consider the location of the event (especially outdoor areas) and let us know if you have to cancel - it'll help Zuzy help somebody else with their party! Deposits are non refundable, with some deposits redeemable as credit towards your next event. Last minute cancellations (less than 4 days before the event) require the full entertainment fee to be covered. Zuzy gets very busy during weekends and last minute cancellations mean we're missing out on other business. Should the payments not be made, we reserve the right to recover our costs via a third party.

4. Invoice

Please let us know if you need an invoice/ receipt for the entertainment services - it will be sent to you via email.

5. Parking

Parking fees may apply to certain bookings, if no free parking is available on site - please let us know as soon as possible about the parking situation so the parking fee can be added to your booking fees beforehand. Zuzy reserves the right to invoice you for the parking fee after the event if there was no free parking available nearby.

6. Children limit

Your booking is tailored specifically to your party - your budget, number of activities and the number of children. This means that if there are additional children (or adults) that would like to get their face painted or get a balloon, it may not be possible due to the time limit. Please note! Zuzy will always try her best to make sure every child participates in activities. In some cases we may be able to extend your booking for an additional fee.

7. Shade/Indoor area

Please ensure there's a covered or indoor area reserved for the entertainment - going above and beyond gets really hard in the sun, in a costume.

8. Parent Supervision

Please ensure there's a responsible parent on site to supervise the children - kids activities are fun and engaging but Zuzy does not take responsibility for the supervision of the children at the party.

9. Sensitivity to a product

All the products we're using are made for professional use and are safe but sometimes, skin reactions can happen - if any of the children at the party have sensitive skin, please avoid face painting/ balloons. Zuzy is taking all precautions to make the experience safe for everyone and does not take responsibility for possible skin reactions.

10. Child or any other person's (including parents) behaviour responsibility

In very rare circumstances, entertainment may need to be stopped or the service may be refused if a child's (or an adult's) behaviour causes a disruption in the flow of events.

Zuzy works hard to be quick and to deliver the best possible service. It is appreciated to remain patient and understanding during the wait, for face painting in particular. Any hostile, abusive or otherwise concerning behaviour will unfortunately result in refusal of service.

12. Entertainment location 

Some activities such as magic shows, games, require the children to focus on the entertainer  - if you have loud music, a band or a DJ playing at your event, please organise a separate area for those activities to avoid disruptions and ensure full engagement in activities.

13. Photos

Zuzy reserves the right to take photos during the events for promotional purposes. If you do not wish to have your photos taken, you must let us know at the time of booking your event.

14. Party format

The activities included in your party package are put in a specific order to make sure you and your little guests are making the most of the entertainment. Please let us know about the time of the cake cutting, games organised by you, speeches or anything else that can affect the flow of my work - this way I can make the most of the time I'm booked for. If you'd like to extend the party or add more services for an additional fee, please don't hesitate to ask :)

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